Yulia Vityazeva: Ukrainian Natural Fascism Reserve

I am writing this in a state of mild shock. With how persistent the “patriots of Ukraine” are in their desire to prove to everyone that fascism, which (according to the official version) does not exist in Ukraine – actually has the right to exist.

The story of the paratrooper who fastened an emblem of an SS tank division to his uniform for an official photo shoot with the President of Ukraine Poroshenko – who then published the “patriotic photo” on his Facebook page is well know.

As well as the fact that, after a wave of bewilderment and indignation, the paratrooper apologized, claiming “I did not know the meaning of the emblem and considered it a kind of pirate flag”.

With that, the incident appeared to be settled. However, some of the Ukrainian patriots found themselves offended by such a “soviet” behavior of the command who,, allegedly, forced the soldier to apologize. Leading to a decision to “restore the status quo” by organizing a flash mob – “Take a picture of yourself wearing the deadhead patch, add a #Stormtrooper hashtag and let that be our answer to the scared communists of military high command”

Those who didn’t have the patch could contact the flash mob organizers who would ship it to you.

The idea, of course, found a response: Nobody even hides their faces.

Even “the international organization of Ukrainian nationalists” took part

At the same time, the organizer group continues to insist that there is nothing wrong with such imagery – It is just an ancient aryan symbol and the fact that it was used by an SS division doesnt mean nobody else can use.

Starting to watch the page in the FB and Instagram organizers of the flash mob, I, as they say, precipitated. Because there is enough material for the new Nuremberg process.

Moreover, publishing materials about how actively Ukrainians fought on the side of Nazi Germany, no one feels shame. On the contrary! This is a reason for pride for them.

And one more thing. Since 2015, Ukraine has a ban on propaganda of Soviet and Nazi symbols. But if for a T-shirt with the emblem of the USSR, you will be stomped on and handed over to the Security Services for “betrayal” – wearing a deadhead insignia will only elicit praise.

And facebook, deleting posts and blocks accounts for photos of Motorola, Givi, Zakharchenko, remains silent in this.

The presence of openly fascist groups and users propagating and praising the ideas of fascism in doesnt even elicit a double take from most. Moreover, all complaints of this kind end with a formal reply with the words “we did not find signs of a violation of community terms”.

Well, alright, “no signs”. Taking into account the fact that almost all Ukrainian accomplices of Nazism who escaped from punishment quietly lived out their lives in the United States and Canada – nothing surprising.

Such behaviour is widespread, and while Ukrainian and Lithuanian Foreign Ministry fight hysterically about sportswear with the emblem of the USSR on it they do not consider the torchlight processions and other honors of his accomplices as fascism.

That is why the new Ukrainian fascism raises its head. Not afraid and not ashamed of anyone.

And the new Ukrainian military “elite” is now professing such “values”

And the world is silent. As silent in the 30s, not noticing the formation of the Third Reich

It is clear that the world will not allow the brownshirt plague to go beyond Ukraine, but at the same time Poroshenko is still welcome in Poland, Germany and Israel, with military and material assistance provided to the Ukrainian army who slaughters Donbass civilians under a flag of a nazi SS division.

As a cherry on the cake and in the “credit history” folder. Looking through the photos of the openly pro-fascist ukrainian group in Instagram, I found a very remarkable photo which illustrates, quite vividly, the hypocrisy of the West, wailing about “Russian agression” against Ukraine, while turning a blind eye to the crimes of nazis fighting on the side of the murderers against the populace of Donbass.

by Yulia Vityazeva exclusively for NewsFront