Tory MP Urges May to Condemn Seizures of White Farmers’ Land in S Africa

White South Africans could be forced to give up their property in line with the constitutional go-ahead for land takeover without payment already in 2019, local media suggest. The reform is being pushed by President Cyril Ramaphosa and the governing party amid reports of brutal attacks on farmers.
British lawmaker Andrew Bridger confronted the head of the UK government Theresa May during the Prime Minister’s Questions session, insisting that she should stand up against the South African president and his plans to expropriate white farmers’ land.

Meanwhile, civil rights activists and social media commentators have recently raised the alarm about more killings of farmers.  The Democratic Alliance (DA), which is currently in opposition, has accused the ANC of “sitting idle” while such attacks “escalate”. They blamed South African police for not doing enough, claiming that police forces in rural areas are under-resourced. Meanwhile, in 2016-17, 52 murders were carried out per day in South Africa.