Regular US Accusations: Russia Is Preparing For Chemical Attack Against Ukraine To Prevent Autocephaly

Less than a month later, as the DPR first stated that the Ukrainian militants were preparing a provocation on the territory of Donbass with the use of chemical weapons, however, the American Ukrainians woke up and decided to “reply” just now.

The answer is very strange and illogical, but for statements by the United States this is already the established norm of international communication. TsRushnoe Radio Liberty reports that the Washington Center for the Study of War (Institute for the Study of War) predicts a military escalation of Russia against Ukraine. This forecast was published in the weekly analytical report “Russia in Review”.

The authors note that Moscow already allegedly creates all the necessary prerequisites for this. Including there is reason to assume that Russia is preparing for a chemical attack against Ukraine in order to cause mass hysteria.

There are several reasons: including the obstruction of the granting of autocephaly to the Ukrainian church. Moreover, the absence of a strong response from NATO only “encourages” Russian President Vladimir Putin to take offensive actions, American analysts are convinced.

At the same time, on November 22, official information from the Department of People’s Police of the DPR on this issue appeared on the network . The statement said that the intelligence services of the Republic have information about the arrival of a group of British specialists on the demarcation line in Eastern Ukraine to conduct a chemical attack in the Donbas.

However, the Americans do not stop and continue to transfer arrows to Russia. “Moscow is now creating the necessary prerequisites for the escalation of the conflict with Ukraine, namely, for an open invasion,” the new report of the Center for the Study of War says. “Among other things, the Kremlin is spreading fake narratives about the fact that Ukraine and the West are preparing inevitable attacks in the east of Ukraine, including chemical ones,” the report says.

Thus, the American patrons once again try to hide the low qualifications of the Ukrainian special services after their designs and plans have become known to the public.

So far, Washington believes that Russia can fabricate evidence of a chemical attack – or it can itself carry it out in order to “wreak havoc” and to “justify” open military engagement of the Russian armed forces, as well as create conditions for further offensive, it becomes obvious that the US is acting on the already well-known training manual, which was tested in Syria.

The US State Department said Friday that there was no chemical attack by militants in Syrian Aleppo at the end of November, but there was an alleged tear gas incident by government forces. In the meantime, as a result of that attack, 46 people, including eight children, suffered a chemical defeat. In the course of reconnaissance actions in the demilitarized zone of the Syrian province of Idlib, they were able to detect fire weapons, from which the terrorists attacked Aleppo. Russian aircraft responded by attacking militant positions.

Recall that the head of the DPR Denis Pushilin recently reported that according to available information, the Ukrainian side is preparing provocations at chemical plants in order to blame the DPR for them in the future. The head of the republic called on the heads of districts and cities of the DPR to be ready for any development of events.