Arrested opposition MPs of the Montenegrin parliament Nebojsa Medoevic and Milan Knezhevic, whose detention provoked mass protests, are now free. Medoevic was released from prison, where he was from December 1, while Knezhevich has left the parliament building: there he was hiding with party members from imprisonment.

Earlier, the Constitutional Court of Montenegro suspended the decision of the Appeal and Supreme Court on imprisonment of deputies.

Recall that Medoevic was arrested on the night of November 30 to December 1 on charges of receiving a bribe, and the decision to arrest Knezhevic was taken because of the refusal to give testimony.

According to Andria Mandic, this situation shows that it is possible to fight against the authorities. At the same time, he stressed that in no case one should go for unconstitutional measures.

Both MPs are the leaders of the Democratic Front opposition bloc. The comrades of Medoevic and Knezhevic are confident that the charges against both are political. The unstable situation in the country has persisted since late 2016, when after the parliamentary elections, NATO membership was suddenly approved, despite the mass protest actions of the population.

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