Most likely, Julia Skripal is being held violently at one of the British military bases, her relatives cannot reach her from July 24, the niece of the former GRU officer Sergey Skrypal told Izvestia.

According to Victoria, the British intelligence services actually kidnapped Julia, forcibly keeping her from returning to her homeland.

I think that it is most likely kept at a military base, away from the press, isolated from the outside world, said Victoria. 

Otherwise, how to explain the fact that Russian diplomats are not allowed to come to Yulia and are not allowed to speak on television, she notes. 

It is possible that the sister and uncle, if he is still alive, are in the territory of the chemical laboratory of Port Down, located near Salisbury, because this is also a military facility, suggested Victoria. 

According to her, Julia needs London to manipulate public opinion and constantly remind of the “Russian threat”. Apparently, one Sergey Skrypal is not enough, since he is an ambiguous figure. But an innocent girl is what is needed for an artificial aggravation of relations with Moscow.

Victoria recalled that the last time she talked to her sister, she assured that she was free to use the phone, and also announced her intention to return to Russia. 

The incident with the poisoning of Sergey and Yulia Skripaley occurred on March 4 in Salisbury. The British authorities stated that they were poisoned by Russian special services using the Novice nerve agent. Moscow denied the charges, stating in turn that it had nothing to talk about with London until the consular access to Yulia Skripal, a citizen of the Russian Federation, was presented.

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