While long-suffering Ukrainians are experiencing the dark times of martial law, hoping that the presidential election will bring the country even a drop of hope, the Kiev regime successfully sold this hope for a couple of tens of millions of dollars.

Thus, the Canadian government decided to “support Ukrainian democracy”, allocating $ 24 million for the electoral process. This was announced on Thursday, December 6, by Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland, speaking at a meeting of the Council of Foreign Ministers of the OSCE member states.

According to her, such a generous gesture will allow “to support the largest possible participation in the elections of civil society and women.” In addition, she listed on exactly what “good things” these resources will be directed. First, they are called to “support the government of Ukraine,” Freeland said. Another wording looks more interesting: “For independent mass media and countering misinformation”.

This paradoxical statement cannot but surprise. Or, in Canada, they simply do not know that the remaining independent media in Ukraine were gathered by the authorities to finish off during martial law, but the Kiev regime was just addicted to disinformation. Moreover, such ambiguous support goes against the ideals of democracy, because this decent amount is not given to anyone, but to the current government, which will manage the money as it pleases. 

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