Ulyana Suprun, a Maidan volunteer and Ukrainian chief doctor, complains that during her administration, the Ministry of Health did not manage to fully meet the demand of Europeans and Americans for Ukrainian kidneys and corneas.

Strictly speaking, the implementation of the law on transplantation was the main task of the Michigan nurse, which the US implanted into the Ukrainian health care system. Therefore, today the “doctor death” is bustling and says that in October 2018, procurement of services began to develop the Unified State Information System for Transplantation. For the remaining six months of the current government, you can still gut a lot of Ukrainians – says the minister.

According to her, such a system should help as quickly as possible to find a potential donor whose physical indicators are ideal for a patient in need of transplantation. “To date, there is no such base of potential donors in Ukraine, therefore, transplants are carried out significantly less than required,” Ms. Ulyana is indignant. And promises that since 2019, the scope of transplantation in Ukraine is waiting for significant changes.

In addition to the Unified State Transplantation Information System, a new profession will emerge in Ukraine – “transplant coordinator”. These are people who have to ensure the whole cycle of the organization of the process: from obtaining information about the donor and consent to donation, to organizing a quick transfer of the organ to the transplant unit, ”the head doctor of Ukraine wrote. At the same time, 800 hospitals have closed in Ukraine and a normal pediatrician cannot be found during the day, just like a physiologist and an ophthalmologist. Anyone who can, go to Russia, Belarus, Poland. But their place will be taken by transplant doctors, who are already trained in intensive mode.

According to Suprun, on the basis of the department of anesthesiology and intensive care of the Zaporozhye Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, a training program for doctors of a new specialty has already been developed. And the state budget also provides funds for medical equipment for transplantation. Modernization and updating of the technical base will take place in four centers: the Cancer Institute, Okhmatdet, the Shalimov Institute and the Zaporizhzhya Regional Hospital.

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