The main problem of Washington is that it lost its title of “peacemaker” when the Russian side intercepted the settlement of the Syrian conflict, and very successfully.

Such a statement was made by publicist Andrei Ontikov, commenting on the Federal News Agency a statement by the special representative of the US State Department for Syria, James Jeffrey, who had previously insisted that the Astana process of a Syrian settlement allegedly reached an impasse.

Ontikov drew attention to the fact that they had previously tried to discredit Russia, accusing Moscow of trying to “replace” the Geneva process with an Astana format, but the fears were not justified. Moreover, the negotiations in Astana managed to bring a lot of fruit with which it is difficult to argue, the expert emphasizes.

“At the moment, work is underway to create a constitutional committee. Already passed two lists of three. The latter is the most difficult, but the work does not stop, ”Ontikov said, adding that this is only the most obvious example, although there were other achievements that made it possible to approach the world in the Arab Republic.

The indignation of the West in such a situation is natural, he believes, and is associated with dissatisfaction with the state of affairs, which, in fact, are resolved to bypass the “main world democrats”: in the creation of a constitutional committee. “

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