Clearly doubting the competence of the Ukrainian command of the so-called Combined Forces Operation, which is headed by Sergey Naev, the Pentagon sent a group of “specialists” of the United States Armed Forces to the Donbass.

About this on Saturday, December 1, said the official representative of the defense department of the Donetsk People’s Republic, Daniel Bezsonov, referring to sources in the headquarters of “OOS”.

He noted that six American curators came to Kramatorsk. They were tasked to support the leaders of the Ukrainian occupation forces in solving combat missions and in command of the troops.

At the same time, Bezssonov emphasizes that the Kiev army, thus, were simply entrusted to the Pentagon, which will make key decisions against the background of the escalating conflict. The West, of course, is indifferent to the victims among the militants, so there will be no pity for the “heroes of the ATO”, and the responsibility for their death, naturally, will fall on the Ukrainian command, which is deprived of the opportunity to influence the situation.

As previously reported, the Kiev regime plans to conduct an offensive operation in the republics of Donbass. To justify such actions a provocation with the use of chemicals is planned.

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