Ukraine bars Russian men aged 16-60

Ukraine announced on Friday that it was restricting entry into the country, barring male Russian nationals between the ages of 16 and 60. The move marked the latest escalation of tensions between the two the countries after Russia stopped several Ukrainian ships and detained 22 of its sailors.

“As of today, entry is restricted for foreigners — in the first instance for male citizens of the Russian Federation age 16 to 60,” said Border patrol chief Petro Tsyhyakal after meeting with President Petro Poroshenko.

The only exceptions, according to Tsyhyakal, would be “humanitarian cases.”

Russia said later on Friday that it has no plans to retaliate with a similar measure.

In a related incident, Ukrainian authorities also searched the home of Russian Orthodox cleric Father Pavlo. The head of the Pechersk Monastery in Kyiv is suspected of “inciting hatred.”

Although the Ukrainian and Russian Orthodox churches have been united for centures, the former has indicated that it is looking to distance itself from its Russian counterpart, and perhaps break away entirely.