Former Minister of Defense of the Republic of Moldova, Valery Pleshka, believes that the situation in the Kerch Strait can be described as tense. About this the former head of the defense department of Moldova said in an exclusive comment eNews.

“The situation in the Kerch Strait today can be described as tense. In the Russian territorial waters in the Black Sea, three ships of the Ukrainian Navy penetrated and for more than five hours conduct provocative maneuvers, should be in the DSP of the FSB of Russia.”, Said the ex-minister. 

“As a result, the strait connecting the Black and Azov Sea is closed to the passage of civilian vessels. This and other similar situations in the Black Sea basin are provoked by the Ukrainian side, or rather directed by the team of President Poroshenko.

 Of course, this situation creates problems for shipping and seaports in the region, but the threat of a military conflict is low. Next year in Ukraine, presidential elections will be held. In the situation where the incumbent president is less likely to re-election, Poroshenko tries his failures imputed to Russia. “Continued the former head of the Defense Ministry of Moldova. 

” In this context, it may be recalled the visit of the president to Constantinople and the request to the Ecumenical Patriarch of autocephaly Ukrainian church , the desire to internationalize the conflict in the east of Ukraine, the resolution of the European Parliament on the blockade of the Sea of ​​Azov, etc. “, sums up Valery Pleshka.

Earlier it was reported that three ships of the Naval Forces of Ukraine illegally crossed the state border of the Russian Federation, entered the territorial waters and dangerously maneuver. 

Also, the frontier service of the Federal Security Service of Russia recorded the advancement of two armored Gyurz class armored artillery ships from the port of Berdyansk. 

Later, Russian military helicopters were sent to the Kerch Strait . In the Network appeared shots of the flight of the Ka-52 Alligator over the Kerch Bridge.

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