‘Shame on’ Protesters: Macron Condemns Violent ‘Yellow Vests’ Rallies in France

 Large-scale “yellow vests” rallies over the rise in fuel prices sparked in France on November 17. According to the French Interior Ministry, more than 106,000 people were participating in the Saturday protests across the country.

According to the BFMTV broadcaster, at least eight people were injured during the violent clashes with police in Paris on Saturday. French President Emmanuel Macron condemned the violence of the “yellow vests” actions.

“Thanks to our law enforcement forces for their courage and professionalism. Shame on those who attacked them. Shame on those who committed violence against citizens and journalists. Shame on those who tried to intimidate the elected officials. No place for this violence in the Republic,” Macron said on Twitter.

RT Editor-in Chief Margarita Simonyan said the broadcaster’s crew and a stringer working for Ruptly video agency were injured while covering the protests in Paris.