The Third Committee of the UN General Assembly on Thursday put the draft of a resolution on human rights situation in Iran proposed by Canada to the vote.

85 countries voted for the anti-Iranian resolution while 30 countries voted against it and 68 other countries abstained to vote.

During the meeting, Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN Bashar al-Jaafari described the anti-Iranian resolution as politically motivated and against the UN Charter.

In the meantime, Russia’s representative said that the resolutions have not been always a useful tool to promote human rights in the world.

Also, the Pakistan’s UN envoy referred to the Iran’s presidential election and said that the country is approaching towards democracy.

North Korean and Venezuelan envoys were also other countries that opposed to issuing resolutions on human rights situation in a special country.

Cuban envoy to the UN described the anti-Iran move as a fact that proves use of double standard approaches in case of human rights.

The draft of anti-Iranian resolution should be also discussed and put to the vote in the UN General Assembly.

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