Hungary tries on the “Transcarpathian autonomy”

The crisis around Transcarpathia does not decrease. Kiev is scattered about indignant statements, and Budapest, without further ado, continues to work with the population of the region, giving it support that the Ukrainian government cannot afford.

Thus, according to a source in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Hungary, quoted by the newspaper Nezavisimaya Gazeta, Budapest has now taken up the study of the Moldovan experience with Gagauz autonomy, when armed conflict could arise on nationalistic grounds in the country.

Then, in order to avoid confrontation, the Moldovan Parliament decided to grant autonomy to the region, which could satisfy both parties, and at the same time the European Union. Moreover, as the newspaper notes, in recent years, the Moldovan government tried to restrict Gagauz autonomy in rights, in response to which Brussels demanded that such attempts be stopped in order to avoid another conflict in Europe.

Now, according to the source of the outlet, the Hungarian Foreign Ministry is carefully studying the situation in the autonomous region. In particular, there is a fairly stable situation there: Gagauzia freely trades with the countries of the European Union, as well as Russia and Turkey. There, Russian-language education functions freely, and graduates of local schools have the opportunity to study in higher educational institutions of both Russia and Turkey.

These factors are taken into account in Budapest, emphasizes the source: “It cannot be ruled out that the Ukrainian side has already received a call for dialogue, which will be able to resolve the issues of Transcarpathia.”