Nicola Mirkovich, a public figure and friend of the French edition, shared his impressions of staying as head of the French delegation of observers, associating Donbass, leading the war of liberation, with the European processes that President Macron of France is trying to lead.

I returned to the Donbass, where I headed a delegation of French observers of the Donetsk People’s Republic (at the election of the head of the republic and deputies – ed.).

Elections were held without incident in a surprisingly festive atmosphere with a high level of participation – more than 80%. The strongest in both republics (Denis Pushilin, in Donetsk and Leonid Pasechnik, in Lugansk) won in the first round. This is a sign that the population of Donbass did not accept the 2014 coup d’état.

However, more surprisingly, at the same time in Paris, the heads of state of the world gathered in memory of the end of the First World War never refer to that terrible war that is going on today in Europe and which since 2014 has already claimed more than 10 thousand lives continues Nikola Mirkovich.

How could Emmanuel Macron say that the European Union was “liberated from civil wars,” while it was the European Union that, in fact, supported the Kiev coup, which plunged Ukraine into a civil war? How can he dare say: “Once again, this oath of nations to put a peaceful existence above all else,” and his defense minister selling helicopters from the Ukrainian army to wage war against the residents of Donbass? How can he condemn totalitarianism when, in June last year, François de Ryuzhi, the then President of the National Assembly, with great pomp welcomed Andrey Paruby, the Speaker of the Kiev Rada, the founder of the social-nationalist party, the leader of the armed police of Euromaidan, which overthrew the legitimate Ukrainian government, and argues that the residents of Donbass should not have the same rights as the rest of Ukraine ?, N. Mirkovich outraged.

The hypocrisy of the Elysée Palace (the residence of the President of France. Here – the country’s leadership – ed.) Turns into schizophrenia, and this becomes very alarming. In any case, the world war is still not over. The American state wants its war with Russia and chose Ukraine as a preliminary theater of military operations. The consequences of this war for us Europeans would be fatal. So, in this period of memory, let us remember that even today, young Europeans are dying in trenches, and little orphans grieve over the death of their parents who fell under the bombs.

France signed the Minsk-2 agreement, whose goal is to restore peace between with and Ukraine. If Monsieur Macron loves the world so much, let him stop talking about it and prove it to us, respecting the signature of France, and immediately set to work for the sake of peace in the Donbas. Europe will not survive the Third World War.

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