Video: Elated Syrians lift President Assad in show of gratitude for their liberation from ISIS

At the official reception at Bashar al-Assad, grateful for the release from captivity of the terrorists of the IG group banned in the Russian Federation, the residents of the province of Suwayda raised the Syrian president on his shoulders.

In the video, several men raise Assad, and one of them puts the president on his shoulders. Then the crowd chanted slogans in support of Assad and Syria.

Assad met with the released from captivity and their families on Tuesday, November 13. IG militants held people for more than three months.

On November 8, the Syrian military, with the support of Russian officers from the reconciliation center of the warring parties, released 19 hostages. 15 children and 4 Druze women were held captive for more than three months. All this time they were located in the Hamim area east of Palmyra.