Dominating Europe and the wider world has always been America’s end goal. US President Donald Trump, with all the insults he’s flinging at the EU, is simply putting it straight, former Labour MP George Galloway told RT.
Trump has recently attacked French President Emmanuel Macron yet again – with a taunt about France’s losses in two world wars, insensitively timed to the commemorations of the end of WWI. His point being that a European army independent from the US is a laughable idea, as evidenced by history.

However crude, the mockery is fully in line with the goal Washington has set out long before Trump: to subdue its allies and adversaries alike, Galloway, a filmmaker, writer, orator, and former British MP with 30 years experience, believes.

It’s more vulgar and ugly, but it’s not different in substance. United States hegemony over Europe and the wider world has always been the goal since World War II, and remains the goal today. It’s just that Trump expresses it in a necessarily more vulgar way.
But by breaking away from the soft-spoken habits of his predecessors, Trump is only going to push his European allies away.

“You could call it a wake-up call, you could call it the actions of a bull in a china shop,” Galloway says. “But what you should know is that there’s a drift towards absolute alienation in Europe towards the United States and its preoccupations with Russia and China.”

He added that the EU’s supposed military dependence on the US is a myth created by warmongers who use non-existent threats – like the Russian bogeyman – as a pretext.

It’s dependent militarily only if you imagine there is someone out there who covets the occupation of Belgium, and that simply isn’t true.
Trump’s obsessive bashing of Macron is a response to the French president floating the idea that Europe needs to get an army of its own and stop relying on the US for protection. Galloway himself is skeptical of the plan: “Why an economical and trading bloc would require an army is something no one has yet bothered to explain.”

Instead of having its own army, Trump is trying to push European nations into spending more on the Washington-dominated NATO military alliance.

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