Education professionals were specially appointed earlier this year by the state school board to propose a set of changes in across-the-board programs of social studies.
The Texas State Board of Education will vote on Tuesday whether to eliminate a number of historical figures from the state’s curriculum in social studies, according to a report by The Austin American-Statesman. 

 One of the candidates for “elimination” is former 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, the first female nominee for the presidential race from the Democratic camp. Alongside Hillary, the Republican-majority board may rule to nix Helen Keller, the disability rights advocate who was the first deaf and blind person to graduate from college. The figures recommended for elimination also include Barry Goldwater, the failed 1964 Republican presidential candidate and first Jew to win the nomination.

The report further specifies that the new school curriculum requirements will universally apply to elementary, middle and high school students.

The news didn’t come as a surprise to many Twitterians, with one saying the history is being “bleached” in Republican-dominated Texas. However, others, while approving Hillary’s “elimination” were puzzled over the board nominating Helen Keller, alongside her:

The move appeared, however, to hit a nerve with education activists, suggesting the vote is directed at “limiting” the enlightenment:

Meanwhile, Donna Bahorich, R-Houston, the board’s chairwoman, has insisted that the reductions will free up more time for teachers.

The board will have a final vote on Friday. If passed, the new curriculum will take effect starting next school year.

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