The deputy of the Kyrgyz parliament, Irina Karamushkina, defended the official language in Kyrgyzstan. On her Facebook page, she reflects on Russian language and big politics.

The deputy claims that an attack has begun on aggressive people who do not see the prospects for the development of the country and the people of Kyrgyzstan. “Some frantic fakes from abroad and local national-chauvinists obviously play the“ Ukrainian scenario ”. And in this stream of lies and attacks there is only one goal: “extinguish” the last deputy in Parliament, who still dares to talk about laws, the Constitution, regarding the official language and its significance for the country, ”writes Karamushkina.

According to the deputy, the political map of the world is changing, and in the countries of the former Soviet republics only in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan the status of the official language is preserved. Whereas in the rest of the republics, Russia and the entire Russian have long since been abandoned under the patronage of Western countries and services. But the common people, says the parliamentarian, did not live better.

 “It would be better only to the top of power and financial magnates, because the Western world carries capitalist standards, ”the politician states.

“Today, 200,000 Russians left the Kyrgyz Republic (and not only!), Their place was taken by more than 400,000 Chinese citizens while they were hired, but you will see that time will pass and they will demand citizenship and by that time there will be much more of them and quarrel with large Nobody will be a neighbor, because we have long been hooked on their capital, ”says Karamushkina.

“As soon as the last leg of the Russian man leaves the Kyrgyz land, the Arab influence will continue here, as was the case in the 9th century or the Chinese intervention (how much blood was shed for the liberation of the country) and the inter-clan fratricidal wars will begin again … who are holding back these processes and, remembering fraternal friendship: Russia is writing off our debts, military aid and support is coming in case of bandit formations and terrorists. Do not play along with fakes and aggressive people – because of them they will lose everything and God alone knows how this will end. It is necessary to consolidate the people and take care of everyone for whom Kyrgyzstan has one homeland for all! ”, Karamushkina concluded.

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