Donbass People Republics hold election day

On Sunday, November 11, at 8:00, polling stations have opened for business.

Donbass residents will have to choose the heads of the two republics, as well as parliamentarians.

Today in the territory of the Donetsk People’s Republic 408 polling stations will function. In the LC – 316. Residents of the republics can vote until 20:00.

Earlier, Janus Putkonen, editor-in-chief of the International News Agency and an observer at the elections in the LPR, noted that the West was so desperate to prevent the elections because he did not want to give the right to vote to the residents of the region.

“If they tried to block the results of the election process in advance, then they definitely fear democratic processes,” he said. According to him, this is the main fear of representatives of the West. Their weapons are used against them — democracy, but here the voice of the people is not needed.

At the same time, Putkonen assured that no country in the world has the right to interfere in the democratic processes of another state: “Such actions should be strictly prohibited. We know the practice of double standards of the West. ”

At the same time, Andreas Maurer, a politician from Germany, the leader of the Party of the Left in Kvakenbük, stressed that only those who took part in it can speak about the legality of the electoral process, including: talks about non-recognition. Only those who have watched the process here have a legal right to talk about it. ”


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