Syrian Army repels ISIS heavy offensives in Sweida Desert

Syrian Army repels ISIS heavy offensives in Sweida Desert

The Syrian Army troops managed to fend off ISIL’s heavy offensives in Toloul al-Safa region in the Eastern desert of Sweida, inflicting major losses on the terrorists on Saturday after ISIL’s hostages in Eastern Homs were freed by the army on Friday.

The army units engaged in fierce clashes with the ISIL in several flanks in Toloul al-Safa in the Eastern desert of Sweida.

The ISIL carried out several suicide attacks on the army.

The army inflicted heavy casualties on the ISIL and repelled the terrorists’ raids.

In the meantime, the Russian fighter jets and the Syrian Army artillery units pounded ISIL’s movements in Toloul al-Safa and imposed major losses on them.

The ISIL’s heavy assaults came after the army’s elite forces freed entire civilians that the ISIL had captured and jailed in Humeimeh region Northeast of Palmyra and killed the entire ISIL gunmen.

In the meantime, a number of people in Israeli-occupied Golan in Quneitra hoisted Syrian government’s flag in the main square of Majdal Shams, celebrating liberation of ISIL’s hostages.    

SANA reported on Friday that the army attacked ISIL’s positions in Humeimeh region Northeast of Tadmur and freed 19 children and women that the terrorist groups had kidnapped in Sweida province in summer.

Other units of the army had carried out similar operation in the same province in September and freed 4 children and 2 woman kidnapped by the ISIL in the province’s villages.

ISIL used al-Tanf region in Southern Homs in summer and attacked the army’s positions in Sweida by its suicide attackers, killing 250 people and arresting 30 others, mostly women and children.

ISIL further beheaded two hostages and said an old woman died in custody.


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