Representatives of the authorities of the self-proclaimed “Republic of Kosovo”, Ramush Haradinai and Enver Khldzhi, said that Pristina would withdraw from the dialogue with Belgrade on the EU platform, if Kosovo did not receive visa liberalization with Europe by December. According to Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic, this can be interpreted precisely as a threat to the EU.

“They threaten the European Union, not Serbia, because Serbia cannot threaten. They sabotage the dialogue. We are definitely not the ones who can do anything to the detriment of the dialogue. But, on the other hand, we cannot always be victims of non-compliance with obligations parties of Pristina, as well as victims of various incidents that occur, as a rule, on the eve of the continuation of the dialogue.

This is because they suffer political defeats on all fronts, and they need something for the internal audience. But stability in the whole region suffers from this, “the Serbian minister commented.

Dacic recalled the words of the Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurtz that the EU is against visa liberalization from Kosovo, ironically commenting on them: “Lead them – your brainchild!”.

“Why does Haradinai say that they are preparing shelves, an army? They are preparing – we have it. And what, shall we fight? In the 21st century, where do they live?”, The Serbian minister wondered.

Responding to a question about the EU’s calls to Serbia on the harmonization of foreign policy with Europe, Dacic responded that Serbia’s foreign policy will always be based on national and state interests.

“Specifically, we are talking about preserving sovereignty and territorial integrity, finding the right solution for the Kosovo issue. And Serbia will not take a single step that would shake our position and our relations with friends,” said Dacic at a press conference after meeting with Yuri Borisov, co-chairman of the Russian-Serbian Intergovernmental Committee on Trade, Economic, Scientific and Technical Cooperation

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