A large French delegation, which will include about 50 officials, deputies of the European Parliament, public figures and state and municipal employees, will visit the Crimea in the spring of 2019 to participate in the fifth Yalta International Economic Forum (YIEF). This was announced by the co-chairman of the forum organizing committee, Andrei Nazarov.

“It will be the largest delegation since the reunification of the peninsula with Russia. It will be headed by representatives of various French social and political forces. On the fields of the forum one of the discussions will be devoted to the strengthening of Russian-French relations. In addition, the delegates from France will take part in sections on the topic of sanctions confrontation, modeling the economy of the future and the development of industries in the Crimea. It is no secret that in Europe today a “front against sanctions” is being formed, namely the French parliamentarians and political parties are actively in favor of rapprochement with Russia, ” Nazarov’s newspaper Izvestia quotes . 

In turn, the vice-president of the National Association (formerly the National Front), Louis Alio, stressed that he was glad to have the opportunity to send a “large French delegation.” The Yalta Forum, he said, provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs in both countries to agree on joint projects in the Crimea, and politicians will be able to independently assess the situation on the peninsula.

French entrepreneur and public figure Julien Rochedi stressed that the Crimea has been actively developing since 2014. “Entrepreneurs from Syria, Italy, Belgium and other countries, despite the sanctions and the attempt of Brussels to isolate the peninsula, successfully implement various business projects on the peninsula,” he said. Roshedy added that French businessmen are also interested in investing money in the Crimea and are ready to discuss cooperation in the areas of port infrastructure, medical technologies, food products and much more at the Yalta forum.

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