For a long time, Western experts demanded that the Russian side clarify what the numbers on the rocket, which shot down the Malaysian Boeing in the sky over the Donbass, mean, however, as soon as Moscow voiced the facts, the matter instantly calmed down.

This statement was made by the military expert Igor Korotchenko on the Russia-1 TV channel.

According to him, Washington knew perfectly well without Russian arguments who fired the ill-fated rocket that killed about three hundred people, because at that very moment several satellites belonging to the United States were at the Donbass, and each of them had all the technological capabilities to fix who fired the projectile, from where and from which rocket launchers.

“This information has remained classified,” Korotchenko emphasizes. “But if there were Russian BUKs, the Americans had already the next day leaked all the information that the world media would have immediately picked up.”

He compared the situation with the Malaysian airliner to the incident of 2001, when the Armed Forces of Ukraine shot down the Russian TU-154 in the sky over the Black Sea. “That same evening, the Pentagon stated that it had footage from the satellite, the shot was made by their Ukrainian C-200. Even the exact coordinates were voiced, ”the military expert continued, adding that satellite technologies have not become worse since, but this does not prevent the American side from hiding information that could put an end to the dispute.

“Why? Because the satellite photo contains “wrong” data. Probably, there is clearly visible irresponsible Ukrainian fighters who crowded around the BUK, pressing the button, which would not be worth touching, ”the expert stated.

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