Montenegrin schismatics openly demanded a “Ukrainian script”

Montenegrin schismatics openly demanded a "Ukrainian script"

Deprived of church dignity, the leader of the unrecognized Montenegrin Orthodox Church, Miras Dedeic, said that Montenegro would need the “Ukrainian scenario” of solving the church issue.

In practice, this means giving the dissenters autocephaly and taking property from the canonical church – the Metropolis of the Montenegrin-Primorsky Serbian Orthodox Church, the local IN4S portal explains.

“Our government should solve the church issue according to the Ukrainian scenario,” Dedeic said in an interview with the Pobeda outlet.

The former priest declared the need for autocephaly for the “MOC” soon after the controversial decision of the Bartholomew’s Party Secretary in Ukraine. The Serbian Orthodox Church has repeatedly warned of the danger of the Ukrainian scenario, separately mentioning similar disputable situations in Montenegro and Macedonia.