Half of US Voters Consider Trump Immigration Policies Too Tough – Exit Polls

 Nearly half of US voters believe that President Donald Trump’s immigration policies are too harsh, according to exit polls.
As voters leave polling stations, 48 percent of US citizens said the US immigration policies are too tough, compares to 16 percent who said that the policies are not harsh enough, according to CNN exit polls published on Tuesday.

The exit poll also revealed that 31 percent of voters believe Trump’s trade policies have hurt them. Twenty-five percent of voters said the recently implemented trade policies have helped them, while 36 percent said there has been no impact on them.

Trump has highlighted the issues of immigration and border security repeatedly over the past few days in what most observers say is an attempt to garner support for his party in the midterm elections. 

In October, The Washington Post newspaper reported, citing sources, that the White House was considering the possibility of closing the US southern border to Central American migrants and also denying them the possibility to seek asylum in the United States.

Moreover, sources told The Washington Post that the White House was considering adopting an executive order suspending the right to seek asylum in the United States for the Central American migrants fleeing prosecution at home. According to the draft order, certain migrants may be declared ineligible for asylum, as it will be “detrimental” to US interests. Sources claimed that if such an order was adopted, it might force migrants to challenge it in US courts.


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