The EU is increasingly bursting at the seams, the European values are no longer bribing the once allied countries, which prefer to act in their own interests, and Brussels is forced to state that, following the UK, Poland may also leave the European Union. The corresponding statement on Tuesday, November 6, was made by the President of the European Council, Donald Tusk. 

According to him, now the likelihood of “Polexit” is real more than ever, given Poland’s domestic policy with its scandalous judicial reform, which is far from European democratic values, because, in fact, it deprives the judiciary of impartiality of power.

In the end, the European politician is sure that the differences with Brussels, caused by the decision of the ruling Polish “Right and Justice party” to crush the judicial authorities, will force Warsaw to leave the EU.

“The risk is very great and destructive. Polexit is possible,” Mr Tusk said, recalling the experience of the United Kingdom.

“I have worked for a long time with the former head of the British government, David Cameron. We tried to prevent Brexit every day. He became the initiator of the referendum, he did everything possible to remain Britain as part of the EU. He also forced her to separate,” said the head of the European Council, expressing the hope that the European community would be wiser than the Polish ministers.

Recall that Poland has become the first country in the European Union, against which it introduced restrictive measures. The reason for this was the judicial reform that violates the principles of independence of the judicial system.

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