Andriy Lozovoy, member of the Ukrainian parliament from the faction of the Oleh Lyashko Radical Party said Monday that he had been detained at the Prague airport for trying to pay off counterfeit money.

“I was in Prague. I wanted to buy a gift for my mother in duty free, it turned out that the money was counterfeit. Since an attempt to pay off with counterfeit cash equals its production in Czech legislation, I was detained,” Lozovoy wrote on Facebook.

According to Lozovoy, he became a victim of currency swindlers, which gave his assistant false cash when he changed currency. Lozovoy said that he was a victim in the case launched by the Czech police. 

Russia has included Andriy Lozovoy into the recently imposed sanctions list envisioning retaliatory economic measures against Ukrainian individuals and legal entities in response to Kiev’s unfriendly actions.

In February, Andriy Lozovoy along with dozens of activists from various radical Ukrainian organizations broke into the Russian Center for Science and Culture in Kiev and caused significant material damage before leaving the building.

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