More than one million people have supported an appeal calling on the government to give UK citizens a final say on Brexit in a new referendum with half a million protesters marching in London in October to support the cause.

Eighty percent of Labour supporters around the country backed the idea of a fresh referendum with a majority of supporters in the party voting for staying in the EU, a poll, conducted by the People’s Vote campaign, showed, according to The Independent

The biggest survey since the general election was conducted among 26,000 people after The Independent’s request for the Brexit resolution to go back to the British public gained one million signatures last week.

Meanwhile, negotiations between London and Brussels have come to a standstill on a number of key issues, including the Irish border and customs arrangements, making a no-deal scenario a possibility.

The idea of a second referendum appeared just after the 2016 vote, which has divided the United Kingdom into “Remainers” and “Brexiteers.” Against the backdrop of the stalled UK-EU Brexit negotiations, calls for a public vote on the final Brexit deal have emerged. Concerns have been further increasing over the fear of a no-deal Brexit.

The UK government, in the meantime, has repeatedly dismissed such a possibility.

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