Ljubljana needs to support the territorial integrity of Serbia, and not to support the self-proclaimed quasi-state. With a corresponding appeal to the president and the government of Slovenia, the Socialist Party of the country released an address.

The message says that in 2008 Slovenia made a serious mistake by recognizing the independence of the territory, a breakaway from the fraternal country.

“Kosovo and Metohija are an integral and inseparable part of the Republic of Serbia, as also stated in UN Security Council resolution 1244,” the political force said.

The socialists emphasize that Kosovo and Metohija, “being the southern province of a brotherly country”, had no right to declare themselves as a “state”. Ten years after the recognition of Ljubljana, “it is becoming increasingly obvious that from the very beginning of the Yugoslav crisis, Kosovo has become an instrument of the West.”

“Europe is a powder keg, the Balkans is a detonator, and with the current aggravation the situation becomes very dangerous even for citizens of the Republic of Slovenia. Therefore, the West should give a clear signal that we will not obey its policy, ”the letter says to the Socialist Party.

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