Side effect of Transcarpathia: Kiev to make concessions to Budapest

The situation with the Hungarian national minority in Transcarpathia has never been the goal of Petro Poroshenko, but only a side effect of anti-Russian policy, so the Kiev regime will find a way to negotiate with Budapest. This opinion was expressed by the Ukrainian political scientist Alexander Dudchak.

According to him, one should worry not about the Hungarian minority, but about the Russian, because its oppression will only increase, even if the Ukrainian authorities find a way to negotiate with Hungary.

He emphasizes that talking about the Russian-speaking population of Ukraine as a national minority is in principle strange. It is not even about oppression, but about discrimination of a considerable share of the country’s inhabitants.

Hungary has always expressed its position on Transcarpathia, and still remains committed to it, and the fact that Budapest plans to conclude an agreement on the protection of national minorities may well be accepted by the Kiev authorities, but even with all this, attacks on Russian-speaking will not stop.

This is due to the fact, that the nationalist legislation of Ukraine was adopted only against the Russians, the rest simply “got under the distribution.” “The entire policy of the Ukrainian authorities, starting with Euromaidan and ending with autocephaly, was aimed only at tearing the country away from Russia,” he stated.


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