Belgrade called the price of Serbian independence

Serbia does not intend to sell its own ideals, sovereignty and dignity to the European Union, which dares to name its price for the recognition of Kosovo’s independence. This was stated by Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic. His words on Friday, October 26, lead the edition of “Evening News.”

Earlier, German parliamentarian Peter Bayer, who was on an official visit to Belgrade, said that if Serbia wants to enter the European Union, then it will have to recognize Kosovo’s independence from a legal point of view.

“Serbia does not intend to trample upon its own constitution and dignity, recognizing the false state of Kosovo for the sake of some European carrot,” the Serbian minister replied to Bayer’s statements.

He also stressed that this statement “must be treated with caution, because it is the official representative of the Angela Merkel’s party.” In addition, the head of the diplomatic department asks the question if the European Union puts such a condition, then “why do we need an exhausting dialogue in Brussels?”

The position of the key players in the West, notes Dacic, among whom is the United States, which decided for itself the “Kosovo question” against Serbia’s interests, only “pushes Belgrade to further struggle for solidarity in the region and the canons of international law, which were openly trampled in 2008”.