The Time Warner Center hosting the CNN headquarters was evacuated after a suspicious package addressed to former CIA Director John Brennan was found in a mail room, in New York City, Wednesday.

Police personnel along with police vehicles surrounded the building, cordoning off the area.

As media reports citing New York Police Department (NYPD), the device found in a package appeared to be a live explosive.

An envelope with white powder was also reportedly discovered at the site.

The same day the suspicious package containing a potential explosive device addressed to the Washington DC home of former US President Barack Obama, was discovered by the Secret Service.

The suspected bomb is thought to be linked to one sent to the upstate New York residence of Hillary and Bill Clinton on Tuesday.

All the devices were intercepted during standard screening processes before being delivered to their intended targets. Authorities believe the packages are also connected to the explosive device that was discovered at the New York City home of the prominent Democratic party donor George Soros earlier in the week.

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