Kurt Valker is invited to a bombshell in Trudovskie

The News Front war correspondent Katerina Katina visited Trudovskie village and talked to an old woman who has been living in a bomb shelter since 2014.

Concerning the situation in the village, the woman said that despite the ceasefire the shelling is an often thing there.

Maria Ivanovna told that she hasn’t received any Ukrainian pension since 2014. She also emphasized that Donbass is shelled by the Ukrainian army that started the war. She added if Kurt Valker doesn’t believe, he can come to live in the bomb shelter and see everything personally.

Recently the USA special representative in Ukraine Kurt Valker has posted in his Twitter her photo from the bomb shelter of Trudovskie mine in the DPR with the title “These are some of the many victims of Russia’s aggression in eastern Ukraine. We can stop the suffering if Russia was willing to choose peace for Ukraine”.

The bomb shelter is situated almost on the frontline.

The old woman still lives there. This August she turned 86 years old. Survived in the shelling she has no doubt that the reason of her suffering is Ukraine, but not Russia.