Transcarpathia is morally prepared for the fate of Donbass

While troops are methodically approaching Western Ukraine, in Transcarpathia, the Kiev regime carried out an intimidation campaign in its best traditions, which are known to many in the Donbass at the beginning of 2014.

So, over the past weekend, a series of billboards appeared in the region with threats against public figures of the Hungarian community of Transcarpathia. This is reported by local media.

On billboards with the signature “Stop the Separatists” posted images of the head of the Hungarian Cultural Association of Transcarpathia Vasily Brenzovich, a representative of the Hungarian community and deputy head of the Transcarpathian Regional Council Josip Borto, as well as the rector of the Hungarian Institute in Beregovo Ildiko Oros.

This situation for NewsFront was commented by a public figure, publicist, participant in many events in the Donbass Tanay Cholkhanov.

According to him, the appearance of such billboards is laborious and could not but be coordinated with the authorities. At the same time, he emphasizes that it is foolish to blame this incident on the “machinations of the FSB of Russia,” given that “no one seems to be planning to remove banners and billboards.”

“Without a doubt, banners, especially of a larger format, could not appear in the region without participation and without coordination with local authorities. The content of billboards and banners clearly coincides with Kiev’s policy on national minorities in Ukraine as a whole, ”he said, noting that“ the persecution of Carpathian Hungarians will continue, moreover, the escalation of the conflict is on the face. ”

“In the near future, with such a dynamic of events, it is quite possible that actions of direct action on the part of the Ukrainian radicals will be directed against the Hungarian minority. By its actions, the Government of Ukraine actually directly calls for pogroms and thereby direct actions. All this will lead to the incitement of interethnic conflict and bloodshed in this region of Ukraine with the actual approval of the Kiev authorities, ”stated Tanai Cholkhanov.