Despite the complete failure of the referendum in Macedonia, which was held to change the historical name of the country and its inclusion in NATO (with active financial and diplomatic assistance from the United States), Washington does not abandon its plans.

Now, American emissaries are trying to put pressure on opposition politicians to change the Constitution of the country. In particular, yesterday a letter was sent to the President of the URMO-DPNE party, Christian Mikoski, on behalf of the Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, Wess Mitchell.

This letter openly states that the United States is disappointed with the result of the referendum and also calls for the leadership of the URMO-DPNE party to ” create a public and private space for coalition members of parliament to determine how they will vote on constitutional changes …”

In fact, the US State Department is demanding to provide clear data on the position of each opposition parliamentarian in order to apply coercive measures to them (bribery, blackmail, physical elimination).

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