“Kurt Volker Is A Liar”: Grandmother Maria invites the American to visit

Leading war journalist Katerina Katina of News Front has visited the village of Trudovsk talking to the granny who has been living in her basement since 2014 because of constant shelling by Ukrainian army.

The woman notes that despite the truce the village still regularly comes under fire 

Grandma Maria says she does not receive a Ukrainian pension since 2014, noting that  Ukrainians are shelling the Donbass, and they started shooting first, and “if Kurt Volker does not believe, let him come and see for himself, live in the basement like the rest of us”.

Earlier, the US Special Representative for Ukraine Kurt Volker, published her photo in the Trudovskaya mine bomb shelter, which is located on the territory of the DPR, having signed it as one of the “victims of Russian aggression” in Ukraine.

“These are some of the many victims of Russian aggression in eastern Ukraine. We can stop their suffering if Russia chooses the world for Ukraine, ”  Volker wrote on his Twitter page.
The photo was taken in a bomb shelter in the basement of a house in the Donetsk district Trudovskiy, which is actually on the front line in the territory of the DPR.

An elderly woman still lives in the basement. Her name is Maria Ivanovna Shevchenko, in August of this year she turned 86 years old. The surviving woman has no doubt that the cause of her suffering is not Russia, but the government troops of Ukraine.

Also, the pensioner remembered how she survived the Great Patriotic War.

She kept a very clear mind. She remembers the war that the girl survived there, in the area of ​​the Trudovskaya mine. She remembers how once she saw the Nazis executed people in a hole in the fence, throwing them somewhere alive. She remembers that she received the last pension from Ukraine in July 2014.