The intervention of the United States in the Syrian conflict is costly for the Arab Republic and its civilians, who suffer from Washington’s actions even more than terrorists.

This is stated in the communique of the international human rights organization Amnesty International, reported on Monday by RusVesna news agency.

The organization’s specialists visited the city of Raqqa, which was destroyed by the international coalition, which has become a sad symbol of the destructive “American democracy”. Here, in the course of the investigation, it was found out that aviation used a lot of inaccurate ammunition, but even precision projectiles caused great damage to the city and its inhabitants.

Human rights activists visited 42 places of the affected city, where air strikes were inflicted, and also interviewed more than a hundred residents who witnessed the United States terror.

“For many months, Amnesty International has been studying the deaths of civilians and the destruction of civilian infrastructure in Racca, as a result of air strikes by an international coalition led by the United States. Anna Neistat, the senior director of the research organization, also just returned from Raqqa and is ready to give an interview to Russian journalists, ”the organization said.

Amnesty International Secretary General Kumi Naidu states that the United States effectively wiped out Raqqa from the face of the earth: “What I saw is amazing. The city resembles a skeleton, there are only walls of houses, water and electricity are barely supplied to the city, where the smell of death still hangs. ”

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