Over the past 12 years, information that the US is building military biological laboratories on the territories of former USSR countries regularly leaks into the media. Thus, Washington is trying to surround Moscow with its dangerous objects, which in case of anything will not be identified as American.

After Poroshenko came to power in Ukraine, the media was forbidden to write about the US military biological laboratories. The president personally hides information about banned organizations. In the Odessa region, with a preliminary diagnosis of “anthrax”, five residents of the village of Menyajlovka were hospitalized, who in the middle of September killed a cow and consumed its meat. Shortly thereafter, they were forced to go to the hospital because of poor health.

Later, the diagnosis of anthrax was confirmed.

Another case occurred near Zhytomyr. Here, a 35-year-old resident of the village of Belka got into the infectious disease ward of Korosten hospital with a diagnosis of “suspicion of anthrax (skin form).”

Such cases are the result of criminal activities of American biological laboratories, of which there are about 15 in Ukraine. Here, not only research of dangerous microorganisms is conducted, but also their distribution among the civilian population.

After the opening of laboratories in Ukraine, several epidemics occurred, to combat which the government of the country needed to purchase new vaccines from American pharmaceutical companies. Only in 2016, more than 400 children suffered from an unidentified infection in the Odessa region. In the same year, swine flu spreading in the region, causing atypical pneumonia.

The US military laboratories in the territory of Ukraine are managed by the Black and Veatch Special Projects corporation, all laboratory personnel are US citizens and have diplomatic immunity, including a number of experts in biological weapons and biological terrorism. The authorities do not have access to laboratories and are unable to control their activities.

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