A fifteen-year-old girl from Donetsk, who for the fifth year in a state of undeclared war, appealed to the world community to stop the killing.

The young resident of Donetsk in her letter told how she lost her relatives because of the war organized by the Maidan authorities. The letter itself was published in social networks.

“Dear world community, leaders of world powers! A student of 10 “B” class Tkachev Julia appeals to you. I want the war to stop in my city, Donetsk. I am 15 years old.

At the beginning of the 2014 war, one of my brothers died, who worked at the airport and lived nearby. He then returned home. During the war I became an orphan and in 13 years I buried my mother, ”the child writes.
She also told how she was forced to hide from the shelling of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, as her grandfather covered her with himself in order to protect her from splinters.

“Because of the war, I lost loved ones … I don’t want to lose people dear to me, I don’t want to be afraid to leave the house. In 2015, in front of my eyes, a girl with a baby was killed, and when my uncle and grandfather went for a meal, my grandmother and I waited for them at the dacha. We only prayed, if only they would return alive, if only they would return! I went to school under the bombing.

I was afraid not for myself, but for my mother, grandmother and grandfather. I ask you to help us and stop the war. Now only I and my grandmother survived …

We are already losing more than people – we are losing hope for happiness! Help me please! Help stop the bloodshed and murder! ”, – the teenager writes