Kurt Walker, the special representative of the US Department of State for Ukraine, posted on his Twitter page a photo of an elderly woman who, according to his version, suffered from “Russian aggression”. But the woman did not become silent and told the whole truth about who she is in that position and whose bombs fall to the land of Donbass.

Earlier, on his Twitter page, Volker posted a photo of his grandmother, who allegedly suffered from Russian aggression. He urged the world community to stop such actions by Moscow.

The elderly woman did not become silent and gave a crushing answer to Volker. Slightly recalling that she suffers not at all from Russian aggression, but from the most genuine and destructive Ukrainian shells.

Appeal to the world community that 86-year-old Maria Shevchenko survived the bombings of the Second World War and now suffers the hell that Ukrainian militants staged in the Donbas, posted on their social media pages Russian diplomats in Canada.

” We call on all Western officials to mute their #BlameRussia tune and immediately make Ukraine stop bombarding Donbass elderly” they wrote on Facebook. 

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