Two of Europe’s most prominent and electorally successful populist leaders have been setting out a vision of a different Europe.

Marine le Pen, who made the 2nd round of the last French presidential election and Matteo Salvini, currently Italy’s Deputy Prime Minister are pooling their resources ahead of next May’s European elections, which they say will be a “revolution”.

Le Pen has predicted the outcome of that ballot will be “a Europe of Nations, a Europe of respect, a Europe of protection” while Salvini has attacked “enemies of Europe” who are “barricaded in their Brussels bunker” refusing to give up their positions. For anyone in any doubt, he went on to name “the Junckers and the Moscovicis”.

To discuss the topic Tesa Arcilla and Darren McCaffrey are joined by political consultant Nina Schick and Italian MEP for the Greens Marco Affronte.

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