Eurasian integration processes are the largest geographically and most powerful in the energy sector, said the head of the Serbian diaspora and the Serbs of Eurasia organization Dragan Stanojevic at a business forum during the days of the Assembly of the Peoples of Eurasia in Belgrade.

According to him, the issue of forming the Eurasian Economic Union on the basis of the Customs Union is overly politicized, and in essence the basis of this organization is economic pragmatism.

Stanojevic cited the example of Ukraine, which lost 31 billion dollars only because of non-cooperation with the Russian Federation.

Speaking of Serbia, Stanojevic cited the facts:

“Signing a contract with the EAEU for a local producer opens up a market with 280 million consumers. Serbian products are competitive because they do not pay customs and other duties. Full membership would mean gains from increased trade, increased exports, support for local producers, jobs and so further. Everything we really need.”

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