West’s new witch hunt: Israeli Political Analyst Jacob Kedmi reveals US latest provocations

Israeli political scientist Jacob Kedmi on Russian television said that the United States and its associates are trying to blame Russia for their own crimes.

On TV show “Evening with Vladimir Solovyov” on the channel “Russia 1” Israeli political analyst Jacob Kedmi discussed the letter published last week in the scientific journal “Science”. It says that research is being conducted in the United States by order of the Department of Defense that could lead to the development of biological weapons.

“The spread of genetic engineering with the help of insects that can destroy the agricultural land of entire countries,” the expert explained.

 He explained that this is very similar to the information received from Georgia. Recall that last week Major-General Igor Kirillov, Chief of the Radiation, Chemical and Biological Protection Troops, commented on the data of the former Georgian State Security Minister Igor Giorgadze. He pointed out that the complicated epidemiological situation in the south of Russia due to a new type of ticks may be related to the work of the Georgian laboratory of Lugar, which is under the supervision of the United States, according to the TV channel “360” . It is assumed that the insects were spread with the help of UAVs.

“The fact that the United States used biological weapons for the first time was forgotten. It was the country that first used biological weapons against a mortal enemy – Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia. And they didn’t get out of it. Now it’s all a whistle that starts with spy “In the West, this habit is generally a tradition: it is a witch hunt and blood libel. These methods have remained until today,” said Yakov Kedmi.

An Israeli expert pointed out that now it is the States that, more than others, are engaged in computer hacking and electronic intelligence. At the same time, for some reason, the US is accused of various hacker attacks and allegedly “interfering with elections” in the United States.

“In the United States, this is put on a higher level. They have auditioned everyone, even their allies. Even Frau Merkel!” – said the expert.
Kedmi expressed the opinion that the campaign that is going on has two goals, and one of them is to knock out from consciousness what was before. He pointed out that most often the thief is precisely the one who shouts “hold the thief”. 

“When the whistle-diving and staging performances with chemical weapons in Syria began, they didn’t quite understand where it went. When it was added to a cheap performance in England, it became clearer,” said the guest of the program.
The political scientist assured that now with all these “spy games” the third part of the program began. The West is trying to present Russia as a country that supposedly cannot be in a civilized society, but so far not very successfully.