Thousands of people protested in Houthi-controlled Sanaa, Friday, against the deteriorating economic situation in Yemen. Demonstrators laid the blame for the crisis on the Saudi-led coalition.

Rising food and basic commodity prices have followed the collapse of the national currency. The riyal has lost more than half its value against the US dollar.

Loay Al-Shami, a demonstrator, said, “today, we have embarked on a march to declare a revolution against the coalition of aggression, which pursues a policy of starvation and siege policy, in an attempt to humiliate the Yemeni people.”

However, he said the population “will never break down and will never give up.”

Aref al-Ameri, another protester, said, “there is a rise in prices and there is an attempt to drop the Yemeni currency, or targeting in particular, but the Yemeni people will be patient and will withstand the economic arrogance and economic war.”

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