The Transcarapthian crisis will be resolved when Ukraine will lose the region

No matter how loud were the statements of the Kiev authorities about the response measures to Budapest on actions in Transcarpathia, in fact, Ukraine can only wait, watching Hungary take the region says conflictologist-internationalist Grigoriy Perepelitsa told about this in the comments to the Ukrainian portal “World news”.

“We act as petitioners, the Ukrainian government only says that it will declare the Hungarian consul persona non grata and send him out of the country, and by his actions he proves that he can do nothing except how to apologize. It will reach the point that Hungary will simply take the territory away from us, and everything will end there, ”the expert admits.

He stressed that Kiev did not just watch as Budapest handed out Hungarian citizenship, he watched how Ukrainians swore allegiance to another country: “That is, they pledge to follow Hungarian laws on our territory.”

The outraged expert noted that this is “an open encroachment of the Hungarian state on the territory of Transcarpathia”. “It seems that our politicians are waiting for Hungary to take part of our territory. But then the Romanians will do that, take Bukovina from us, and there will be nothing left of Ukraine. What is happening now is simply criminal negligence of the highest state authorities to the sovereignty of Ukraine and its territorial integrity, ”stated Perepelitsa.