Hundreds gathered outside the Philadelphia Convention Center on Tuesday, to protest US President Donald Trump’s rally at the National Electrical Contractors Association in the wake of his new trade deal with Canada and Mexico.

Some Trump supporters were seen voicing their disagreement with the protest, but claimed they were shouted down with protesters shoving signs in front of their face.

“Only one side is allowed to have a voice and they overpower everyone. They put signs in front of your face, they won’t let you speak. So there is nothing you can say or do. You can just be present and I support Trump,” said Cherie Hopkins.

A group of protesters marched with signs and banners in the city centre while chanting anti-Trump and anti-police messages. Some of them reportedly split from the group after voicing their discontent over the anti-police message.

Lillian Cleary, a Trump protester from a union family, said she disagreed with the anti-police agenda of the protest group, saying their message should focus on getting Trump out of the White House and encouraging people to vote.

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