Pashinyan put his post on the line

Pashinyan put his post on the line

After bidding farewell to the six ministers, as well as the governors of the Prosperous Armenia Party and the Armenian Revolutionary Federation Dashnaktsutyun, the revolutionary prime minister of the republic said that he himself was ready to resign if only to hold early parliamentary elections.

Apparently, the overseas masters seriously pressed Nikol Pashinyan if he actually went all-in: brought people to the streets and even promised that he would retire himself, although earlier he was even ready to rewrite the Constitution to stay in power.

“As soon as the decision on the dismissal of ministers and governors will legally enter into force, after that – I don’t name a specific term – I will resign. After seven days, the parliament must elect a prime minister; if the prime minister is not elected, there will be a second round. If during this time the parliament does not elect a new prime minister, then early parliamentary elections will be held,” the Armenian politician revealed his plans, adding that if the people demand early parliamentary elections, they will be able to prevent the parliament from electing another Armenian prime minister.

From Pashinyan’s words, it becomes clear that he is not going to leave big politics, but he was not allowed to rewrite the Basic Law and still needed to fulfill his obligations to the curators, which means that the second stage of the demonstrative “Velvet Revolution” is coming National Assembly of the Republic.


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