The US Department of Commerce blacklisted two Estonia-based companies Eastline Technologies and Adimir, as well as Real Components, a Moscow-based company, for supplying electronics banned for export to Russia from the US via Estonia and Finland. According the Department’s statement released on Monday, the black list also includes ex-owners of Estonian companies Valery Kosmachev and Sergeyev Vetrov, who, according to the US authority, are still involved in the business of these companies.

According to the document, Kosmachev and Vetrov were co-owners of the Eastline Technology until 2016, and now it is owned by Valeria Mikhailova, who is allegedly the daughter of Kosmachev.

It is also noted that Vetrov is the owner of Real Components and Kosamachev called himself the owner of the Adimir company.

In particular, these companies bought gate arrays in the US and delivered them to Russia via Estonia and Finland, regardless the fact that this requires a license under the US law.

 The Department of Commerce agency cites Kosmachev, who in 2015 told the US authorities that “it’s easier to bring electronics to Estonia than to Russia”, that is why he set up his company in Tallinn. He also noted that “all deliveries of Eastline Technologies go from Tallinn to Helsinki, and then they cross the border by truck,” because it is faster and cheaper than transporting electronics directly from Estonia to Russia.

According to the press release, Kosmachyov and Vetrov are deprived of “export privileges for 180 days” and are banned from buying (indirectly or directly) goods, software or technology if their exports require a license.

The Department of Commerce does not specify the citizenship of Kosmachev, Vetrov and Mikhailova.

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