The Velvet Revolution Ups the Ante: Pashinyan Fights The Republicans

The Velvet Revolution Ups the Ante: Pashinyan Fights The Republicans

In his desire to push through the early parliamentary elections at the height of triumph, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, as predicted, ran into opposition from the Republican Party.

The head of the government said that he is currently negotiating with RPA head Vahram Baghdasaryan, but he, apparently, has no plans to give in to Pashinyan.

“We believe that the elections should be held as soon as possible – within two to three months,” the premier says. And in some ways he is really right, because for his government the only chance to stay in power is to seize it, as soon as possible, because behind populism there are no real achievements that could in the long run play in favor of Pashinyan.

“Republicans, in fact <…> officially state that parliamentary elections should be held in 2022. I think this is a non-constructive position, because as a result of political processes, everything led to the fact that in Armenia, the number one issue for its residents was just extraordinary parliamentary elections, the Prime Minister assures. – That is, until this issue is resolved, no other issue in the country will be resolved. Now, if any political force opposes this process, it means that it wants our people to remain waiting, holding their breath. ”

Pashinyan’s rhetoric itself confirms that he doesn’t want to do anything until he sits down in the legislature of his people, but not to tackle the very “constructive” that the prime minister is talking about, but only to strengthen his position until the people understood what the “velvet” government was.

Baghdasaryan also understands this, stating that one should not compare the elections to the Council of Elders of Yerevan with the parliamentary ones: “In an atmosphere of enthusiasm and revolutionary euphoria, elections cannot be organized. For this you need to give political forces time to prepare. We need to give the prime minister time to work so that society can give a correct assessment. ”


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